New pilot Sarah Unruh learns to fly blue skies

Delani Nichols, Entertainment Editor

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Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to fly a plane? Well, lucky for you, senior Sarah Unruh has decided to share the scoop.
Sarah was sitting in her English class junior year when Mrs. Parker brought up the “Coffey County Flight Training Scholarship.”
Sarah listened well and decided to sign up; she thought it would be a fun experience and had nothing to lose. Also her grandpa flew a reconnaissance plane in WWII so she figured it would be super cool to connect with him through flying.
Something she learned was how easy it is to actually fly a plane. Once in the air, anyone could have control of the plane safely; the plane usually wants to fly itself.
The best feeling though, is making a smooth landing. Takeoffs are easy, but every landing is different, especially when wind is a factor, which means you have to be prepared for a lot.
It surprised her just how often they do safety checks. They simulate crash landings and engine cut outs nearly everyday. Sarah’s instructor likes to say “Better safe than sorry.”
She officially, has a pilot’s equivalent of a learners permit.
As long as she continues to put in hours and passes all the tests she needs, she could have a full license by the end of summer.
She will never forget her first time flying; she was super nervous. She had not been in a plane since she was six, but she was surprised to find out how much she liked it.
She also assumed she would just sit along, watch her instructor, and take notes, but she got to operate a lot of the controls her first lesson.
When asked about advice for future pilots, Sarah said, “Take advantage of it. It’s a great experience, and even if you don’t get your full license, it’s cool to be able to say you’ve flown a plane at only 16-17 years old.”

The senior enjoys a morning training flight in her small plane. (COURTESY PHOTO)

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