High school students reflect on 2018

Dakota Jesse, Editor-In-Chief

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It is a new year – 2019. January is full of New Years resolutions and bettering oneself. It can also be a time to look back and reflect.
Some students agree 2018 was slow-moving and bad. When asked about her year, senior Aliyah Shetler said, “I don’t even remember what I did, honestly.” Freshman Bryce Pritchett cannot remember anything about 2018, either.
Freshman Keaton Hegwald has had a painful 2018. “Zander and I were messing around,” said Keaton, “and I got stabbed in the hand by a broken golf club.”
Senior Isaac Mautz can relate with Keaton. “The worst part was probably getting punched by Dakota whenever La Familia would hang out.”
Some students have struggled this year. According to junior Kaiti Mefford, her least favorite memory was getting to the end of first semester.
“School will be the death of me,” said senior Anna Kitchen. “Getting no sleep every day is my least favorite memory.”
Sophomore Allie Schneider struggled many times in 2018. “I stayed after school for almost an hour to work on my editorial, and it never saved!” She received a late grade, and the whole newspaper staff was placed on no music martial law.
Sophomore Brady Rand had a decently good year, but the worst moment was losing in baseball at Regionals.
While there was many downfalls in junior Kameron Cole’s year, like her dog dying, she said there was also many uprising moments, such as All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.
Some students decide to look back on the positives.
Sophomore Caedon Berkenmeier’s favorite memory of 2018 was the fall Homecoming float decorating. “It was really fun,” he said.
“My favorite moment was going to the Youth D.C. trip,” said senior Sarah Unruh. She won a full-paid adventure to Washington D.C. in June.
“The main moment of this year,” said Brailyn Peak, senior, “was probably getting my dog.”
The highlight of sophomore Chrissy Hall’s year was getting a “Best of the Best” ring for softball.
When asked about his 2018, senior Daniel Gifford said going to Rim Rock with the team for State cross country was his favorite memory.

Aleesia Hernandez paints a giant H on Caedon Berkenmeier’s chest for the sophomore line in the Homecoming parade. (PHOTO: Sandy Loucks)

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