Fine arts clubs help students express themselves

Daniel Gifford, Editor

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Freshman Deric Cole participates in a Book Club meeting by reading the previous month’s novel Goodbye Days. (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)

Many new improvements have made their ways to BHS, including an Art Club and a Book Club.

The former began last school year under Art instructor Natalie Spangenberg. This group became an instant hit, with around 50 members, and it is even more popular this year with 68 members. They meet once a month during CAP.

There are no “officers” in this group; however, there are council members. They are seniors Grace Kuhlmann, Delaney Hess, Daniel Gifford, Jaleigh Conkle, Evan Totty, and Kassi Jones, and freshman E’owynn Codney. Gabby Stadel is the Stuco representative.

According to Ms. S, the multitudinous members have participated in face painting at football and basketball games, the annual Wolf Creek barbecue, OK Kids, the BES Color Run, and at the annual Taste of Fall Festival.

They also assisted vendors at the Craft Fair by carrying in and carrying out merchandise, tables, etc. On April 24, Art Club will be working at the Pioneer League Art Competition.

One of the goals of this group is to raise money for an art scholarship of an unknown amount to the student who submits the best portfolio of his/her work.

One of the main points of this club, as Ms. S shared, is to allow students who are not in art classes to have a place they can continue their practice of it.

Book Club is organized by librarian Diane Marshall. There are 25 members, including senior Sarah Unruh, junior Grace Hess, sophomore Brylee Huber, freshman Allie Cornine, and a couple of teachers.

There are no officers in this group because Mrs. Marshall runs everything, including the cinnamon rolls. They meet once a month before school at 7:30 where they discuss the book they read that month.

“You don’t have to sign up,” Mrs. Marshall said. “You can come whatever month you want. There are no dues. Just drop in.” January’s book is Damselfly by Chandra Prasad.

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