FCA allows students to lead in prayer

Alyssa Lank, Sports

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Senior Cassidy Isch conducts an early morning Fellowship of Christian
Athletes gathering. She was chosen as captain this year; therefore, it was her job to discuss upcoming projects. (PHOTO: Topainga Hernandez)

   “It doesn’t matter where you come from; faith can still be a part of your life,” says FCA sponsor Doug Vander Linden.

   One important activity within BHS is sports, so it would make sense to have a group for this.

    That would be a club called FCA. FCA is solely focused on Christian athletes, hence the name (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).

   Mr. Vander Linden said that FCA has many projects throughout the year that they participate in. Some of these include See You at the Pole, Fields of Faith, and 5th Quarters.

   On top of all of this, they choose prayer warriors for each sport within this school.

   The job of a prayer warrior consists of inviting those on his/her team to pray before every game for not only the team but also the other team.

   Sophomore Emilea Furman says, “This is important because it allows all those who believe in God to participate in an act of something from their religion.”

   This gives students a sense of security and a sense of belonging, according to freshman Mikayla Meierhoff.

   She also said, “As a prayer warrior, it is my job to make sure that those around me feel comfortable and know that they are welcome.”

   A football fan says, “If you don’t believe that God should have a role in athletics, you’ve never watched the kicker pray before he puts it through the goal post.”

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