BHS organization celebrates technology

Alyssa Lank, Sports

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Technology is taking over the world so why shouldn’t there be a club for technology?

   Luckily BHS has such an organization here: TSA, which stands for Technology Students Association.

   They currently have a total of 28 members, including their four student leaders.

   Seniors Ashlyn Stevenson, Paige Sloyer, Casey Withers, and Alli Blaufuss are the four officers of this club.

   This being said, next year TSA will have to look for new leadership, seeing as to how all of their officers will be graduating.

   When asked what he looks for in this area, club sponsor Dave Gilman says, “They have to be self-motivated because there are so many clubs, and they are probably in more than one.”

   TSA participates in lots of different activities within the community. Two of their major projects occur during the holidays.

   For Thanksgiving, TSA adopts a family and also supplies Thanksgiving meals for people. Members are asked to being canned food for a thanksgiving food drive.

   He went on to say, “They must also be enthusiastic about what they do. This helps them be able to get people involved.”

   Involvement is one of the most important things within a club, because without students who actually want to participate, it will not thrive.

  There are many underclassmen who have been joining and are potential candidates for next year’s positions. Overall, TSA will be  alright next year and hopefully many years to come.

Sponsor, David Gilman talks about
charity events during a monthly TSA
meeting (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)

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