Is trick-or-treating only for young children? B High students evolve with Halloween

Seth Jarvis, Editorial Editor

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It is that time of year again, or as it will be once this issue is out, since that time of year will have once again passed.

Halloween as a holiday began 2,000 years ago in what is now Ireland. The Celtic people that lived there gathered and built bonfires to ward off evil spirits. They wore costumes and attempted to tell each other their fortunes, according to 

Now, nearly two millennia after the origin of the holiday, it is still being celebrated.

The holiday has changed a lot in those 2,000 years. Many of the old traditions have been abandoned and new ones have come to replace them.

Halloween has also changed on a smaller level. This it is on a more human level. It does not involve major cultural shifts or changes to the holiday. The holiday has changed on a more personal level for many students in the school.

One of these students is sophomore Jacob Dugar. He feels he has lost his Halloween  spirit. He explained that he does not feel like dressing up anymore, unless he is going somewhere like the Halloween Dance.

Sophomore Brylee Huber also expressed that she felt that the holiday has changed. She no longer goes trick or treating, but she wishes she did.

Freshman Becky Asay has similar views. She feels that trick or treating overall has become dull.

They both still enjoy doing some activities around Halloween. Brylee enjoys corn mazes, and Becky still enjoys eating candy. The two of them enjoy watch Halloween movies, as well.

Sophomore Allie Schneider feels that Halloween has shifted  for her as well. “No more trick or treating, which stinks cause I love to, and, for some stupid reason, it got weird.”

Halloween has not changed too much for everyone, though. For some, it has remained just as it has been.

One of these people is freshmen Kurt Keegan. Kurt still trick or treats and dresses up, plus hangs  out with his friends on the holiday.

Sophomore Will Saueressig also stated that Halloween has not changed that much. He did not do too much in the first place, but he does enjoy scaring people during the holiday.

Halloween is a major holiday that means something different for each person. The holiday shifts and evolves for many people over the years as they get older.

Deric Cole is never too old to participate in candy collecting and other festive activities. (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)


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