STUCO attracts leaders of Burlington High

Seth Jarvis, Editorial Editor

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One of the largest groups in the school is Stuco. They are the student government, and they make many different decisions.

Dana Hess, sponsor,  provided many details about the group. There are 23 different members in the Student Council. All the classes have representatives, and a few clubs have representatives as well.

Senior Paige Sloyer is the president, senior Jara Thorp is the secretary, and senior Laikyn Garland is the vice president.

Stuco takes care of many events across the school year. Two of the activities it runs are the fall and winter Homecoming celebrations.

Something else it organizes is the Spring Fling. This is a day where students of BHS go outside and participate and games and other activities.

Paige provided many of her thoughts about Stuco. She has stated that she feels it is a good organization because it gives students a voice in matters that affect them.  One of these issues would have been the phone policy.

They also get to provide their own ideas on how to run the various events throughout the school year.

She also stated that she believes Stuco helps students learn how to be leaders, speak up, and come up with solutions to problems facing the school.

This is what makes a good Stuco member: “One who is willing to help out with any task given, who is good at speaking in front of others, and gets along with anyone.”

Stuco meets once a week in Mrs.  Hess’s room.

Seniors Cassidy Isch and Jara Thorp participate in reading the names of the Homecoming candidates for Stuco. (PHOTO: Topainga Hernandez)

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