There are many fish in dating sea

Courtney Goetz, Sports Editor

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Juniors Grace Kuhlmann and Brannon Nordstedt fall underneath the “power couple” characterization, due to years of dating. (PHOTO: Alli Dunlop)

Dating in high school can be rough waters. BHS Cat Tracks will help you sail through the turbulent seas and better understand the different types of relationships.

First, there is the power couple. This boyfriend/girlfriend duo is the envy of all the other couples. They have been together since the beginning of time.

At Burlington High, this duo might be juniors Grace Kuhlmann and Brannon Nordstedt. They have been together for almost two years, and Brannon is even comfortable enough to release wind in front of Grace.

“People say that I’m actually dating a hobo,” she says. On the other hand, it is nice to be so comfortable around her significant other.

The next couple is the out-of-school date. This pair might have met in high school, but one will have graduated while the other is still in high school.

BHS alumni Colby Johnson and junior Julia Gillman are a perfect example of this. She says the switch was hard.

“It’s weird when you are used to seeing them every day in the hallway, and just all of a sudden they aren’t there,” she says. Since they are both very active in their sports, it is also difficult not being able to support one other.

Overall, she says it has made their relationship stronger, though.

Another type of couple is the hooked-at-the-hip variety. This duo is a form of power couple, but, as the name sounds, these two spend most of their time together. Junior Jordan Torez and sophomore Megan Saylor fit the bill.

“Naps require a lot of time spent together,” says Megan. Jordan concurs that they spend lots of time just snoozing.

“We’re basically the same person,” he says.

Finally, the jokester date is the type of couple that has a fun/competitive type of dynamic. Seniors Branden Alford and Whitney Wonser “like to keep a healthy balance of roasting each other and complimenting.”

Just because some students have a significant other does not mean all want a relationship. Sophomore Kenyon Duffy has no desire to have a girlfriend in high school because he believes teens are not mature enough to date at this age.

“I [also] don’t want to get involved in a relationship because of the lack of loyalty and respect,” he says.

Whether it be dating or not, high school relationships can be confusing. It is your choice if you want to voyage through the daunting waters.

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There are many fish in dating sea