Student organization celebrates foreign language in fun ways

Dakota Jesse, News Editor

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BHS has a wide variety of organizations. One group in particular stands out from all the rest – Spanish Club. It is the only foreign language club BHS has here, and it most definitely has a variety of unique opportunities that other clubs do not have.

   It focuses on learning more about Latin American culture while still having a good time. Students do not have to be in a Spanish class in order to be a member of this club, according to sponsor Sam Samuelson.

   There are over 20 members, all ranging from freshmen to seniors. President Sam Samuelson, senior, and vice president Daniel Gifford, junior, always make sure the meetings run smoothly.

   Along with them, are treasurer Russell Morgan, senior, and Student Council rep., Kirsten Young, junior.

   Students are able to go on a trip to Kansas City to go see a Spanish movie and to visit a Mexican neighborhood to eat food and enjoy the little shops down the street.

   “We went to go see CoCo,” said sophomore Delani Nichols. “I also loved visiting the small businesses in the neighborhood.”

   The club also has the chance to participate in raising money during Halloween by trick-or-treating for UNICEF, which helps children in poor countries.

   Fiestas and games are also not uncommon. They always find a way to have fun and learn at the same time.

   “My favorite part of Spanish Club is going to watch movies in Kansas City,” said junior Casey Withers. “I also love the random parties and fiestas.”

   If you have any questions about Spanish club, make sure to ask Mr. Samuelson or one of the officers.


(PHOTO: Alli Dunlop)
Rose Spence, sophomore, lines up for a swing at the piñata during a meeting.

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Student organization celebrates foreign language in fun ways