Champions organization focuses on betterment of this community

Jalyn Griffith, Sports Editor

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(PHOTO: Casey Withers)
Junior Jace Watkins shows his exemplary leadership qualities as he helps freshman Trevin Myers with his homework.

Originally suggested by teachers, participants in Champions of Character then help change the town for the better. That is actually their main goal as an organization.

   Senior Taylr Bahr is one of the two members of the club representing the Class of 2018 (the other being Ally Ledom) and expressed his pleasure in participating as a member of this student organization.

   “We want to help people and improve our community however we can,” Taylr said.

   The Champions of Character are students who participate in various sports and extracurricular activities and are considered exactly that—champions of good character.

   According to the organization’s web site, their core values are integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and student leadership.

   Notably, according to Taylr, they are one of the few clubs at BHS with no student president (although they are sponsored by assistant principal and athletic director Dave Watkins); this is intended to inspire each individual member to develop ways to contribute to the community.

   For instance, every year at Burlington High, the Champions host a food drive in which students are to bring nonperishable food items in a competition to “block” the door of a particular teacher’s room, preventing that person from assigning any new homework for that day.

   In the past, this competition has resulted in plenty of donated goods. “The annual ‘door-blocking’ food drive is definitely one of our most important activities throughout the year,” Taylr said.

   The Champions, through following and exemplifying their core values, hope to continue to shine very brightly in the Burlington community for many additional years to come.

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Champions organization focuses on betterment of this community