Book Club enjoys discussing teenage lit

Sarah Unruh, Editor-In-Cheif

One of the newer (and proudly nerdier) groups that BHS students are involved in would be the Book Club.

The two sponsors are librarians Janet Harkrader and Diane Marshall. The group also includes a couple of faculty members.

At every meeting, English teacher Sandy Loucks and math teacher Gayle Haselhuhn join the kids in their lively discussion.

The club has a total of 23 official participants, but you do not have to be in the club to get a copy of the book or join in discussions.

So far, the group has read Red Queen, Playing with Matches, Heartless, and The Count of Monte Cristo. Members of the club can suggest what books to read next or later down the road.

“I chose the Count of Monte Cristo  because I think that we could all use a challenge,” said Mrs. Marshall. “I feel like reading a classic instead of our usual teen novels will provoke more discussion.”

The group’s round tables are led by Mrs. Marshall; she asks a questions and the group answers and debates until they are ready to move on.

“My favorite book so far this year has been Red Queen,” said senior Cameron Shilling.

Meetings are at 7:30 on every fourth Thursday morning. At each meeting, members discuss the contents and themes of the book, and they then get a copy of the next novel.

The club’s sponsors also supply a small breakfast at the discussion table for everyone present. According to Cameron, this is the best part. The meal typically consists of donuts and orange juice.

“Book Club is really a safe environment for both avid readers and those just interested in the story to share their opinions on popular literature,” said Mrs. Marshall.  “I’d love some non-readers to get involved, too; it could really improve their skills.”

Book Club meets in the library on a Thursday morning to discuss a recent book. (PHOTO: C. Withers)