North Korea is only minimal threat

Branden Alford, Editor-in-Chief

In today’s world, it seems impossible that the most advanced nation in the world in every aspect could feel threatened by a nation whose top computers are running on Windows XP and whose leader is an “idiotic egomaniac,” according to senior Alex Rodriguez.

   This is the case, however, as North Korea seems to present some sort of reasonable threat to several different U.S. territories, such as Guam, and possibly even the west coast of the United States with their ever-growing and advancing nuclear arsenal.

  Is the tiny island nation of 25.37 million people a realistic military threat? By the numbers, they really are not.

   According to the U.S. Department of Defense, the North Korean regime boasts of their superior military might. With roughly six million individuals over the age of 17 conscripted into military service, they have five million more active military members than the United States military.

   Numbers mean nothing, as Japan learned during World War II. According to, the weapons they are using are antiquated Soviet-era Kalashnikov rifles, single-shot bolt-action rifles that have not seen use since the 1950’s or in Vietnam in the ‘60’s.

   When paired against the M-16 rifles used by even the lowest infantry of the United States, they stand no chance.

   So, then, what is the big threat here?  Many historians point to the long past of being unpredictable and the willingness of the people to die for their leader.

   The big military threat here lies in the regime’s ever-advancing nuclear weapons program. Recent reports from the United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson say that, as of now, North Korea has a nuclear mid-range missile capable of striking vital US interests in the region.

   That being said, senior Nathan Morgan is not worried. “North Korea is not a threat at all. Kim Jong Un knows that if he attacks, his nation will be annihilated and he will lose his power. He will never do anything to provoke the us.”

   While this is no direct threat to Midwesterners, it soon may be. Within the year, military experts predict that the regime will have the capability of striking major cities in the east.

   So is there a solution to this debate? Chris Varvel, National-International teacher, said, “If they rhetoric would cool off, I think we could find a solution. The United States controlled dictators such as Joseph Stalin and Mao Zhe-Dong in the past. Controlling Kim is a doable task.”