Local seniors embark on journey, travel in United States capital

Jeffrey Stewart, Ad Manager

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Two very lucky BHS’ers went on an all-expense paid trip by Lyon – Coffee Electric for a youth tour of Washington D.C..
According to senior Branden Alford, he was tasked with making a video describing the benefits of the electrical cooperative system; his was judged and he won a spot on this trip.
“It was the best week of my life; if you can apply, do it–all the work was completely worth it,” he said.
Senior Taylr Bahr and Branden both got to see multitudinous landmarks in Washington. From the Smithsonian to the White House, they “saw everything.”
They went to Congress, where they had breakfast with the Kansas representatives, who offered some people jobs as secretaries or aids.
They also got to meet with Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts, the state senators.
The best part of the trip for Branden was watching the Sound of Music at the JFK Performing Arts Center.
For Taylr, his favorite place was the National Art Museum.
”We made fun of the art.”
However, he enjoyed the people he got to meet more than the sights he saw.
“Really, the people made it so much fun, more than the events.”

Talyr and Branden stand by the Statue of Freedom in the capitol building. (PHOTO: COURTESY PHOTO)

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Local seniors embark on journey, travel in United States capital