BHS’ers share their favorite heroes

Whitney Wonser, Editor-in-Chief

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   Ghandi, Jesus, Neil Armstrong, these are only a few of the many heroes throughout the world’s history. In today’s society, there are  several modern heroes as well.

     Junior Taylr Bahr chose someone very close to him: “My dad because he’s always been there for me and helped raise me.”

  Dave Sloop, physical science teacher, said, “My very best friend who happens to be 10 years older than me, for he has his life together working as a pastor.”

    Freshman Andrew Haselhunh chose the president, Donald Trump.  However, he also mentioned KU’s senior point guard, Frank Mason.

   Junior Rebecca Howard  selected someone famous as well: Johnny Depp, “because he can wear makeup and he doesn’t look weird or strange.”

    Grace Hess, freshman, picked Ellen Degeneres. “She is always trying to help others and make things better for them or make them smile.”

   Freshman Carter Hegwald chose Aliyah Shetler, “because she is a great role model, by being a great person.

   Abby Hammye, junior, picked her mom: “She works really hard every day, and middle schoolers can be hard to deal with, so I’m really proud of her.”

     For some, it may be adults located in this school, like Mitch Taylor, junior, who said, “Mr. Varvel obviously.  He is such a great teacher and an amazing person in general; I just wish he would adopt me.”

    Junior Jami Fenton said, “Mr. Parilla, because he tolerates a lot of Gabby and my shenanigans; even though we aren’t bad kids, it’s still impressive.”

   Senior Ethan Newkirk picked Bart Kuhlmann; when asked why, he simply said, “Because why not.”

  Others picked some less-than-real heroes, like sophomore Cole Siebuhr. “I like Lego Batman, because he’s funny.”

   Senior Nick Johnson chose the Coffey County Fire Department, because of how they handled his house fire.

    Sophomore Shannon O’Malley said, “Tasha, who is Sarah Unruh’s mother, because her name is pretty darn cool.”

    No matter whether your hero is famous or not, it is clear that they all play an important role in everyday lives.

(PHOTO: Bryna Huber)
Andrew Haselhuhn’s savior, Prez Donald Trump, magically appears during golf practice.

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BHS’ers share their favorite heroes