Students ask dates to PROMinent dance

Aliyah Shetler, Ad Manager

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What major event, which happens on April 22, is more important than Columbus Day, Arbor Day, and St. Patrick’s Day combined? If you have not guessed it yet, you are obviously not going to Prom.

   Prom is a day for girls to dress up in pretty dresses, do their hair and makeup, and feel like a princess for a day. For guys, they get to look fancy as well, which might be out of the normal for them.

   One of the most crucial things, it seems, about this event is the way you get asked. Some people make signs, some paint cars, and others ask over text. If these people are not careful, this might be the difference between having a date, or being lonely.

   There is a popular trend with people getting asked near their cars or with something involving items in their cars.

   Freshman Gabbi Burger walked out to her vehicle after school to find a sign that junior T.J. Lang had put in it that said, “Though our noses may be broken, we still can set it right on the dance floor on Prom night.”

   Freshman Dakota Jesse was on her way to her car when she spotted senior Braden Myers in the distance holding a stuffed animal and a sign.

   Ashlynn Doebele, sophomore, was driving home one day when she saw Brayden Glades walk out of his car with a sign.

   Other people were not by their cars, but still got signs, most with props included.

   Sophomore Grace Kuhlmann was walking down the hall and heard Jack Trimble, senior, yell her name. As she turned around, she saw him drop a sombrero, and was holding a sign that “said something about going to Prom in Spanish.”

   Teela Burrell, senior asked sophomore Tyler  Carpenter with a sign that said, “On a scale of 1 to ‘Merica, how free are you for Prom?”

   Finally, there were people that decided not to go with a sign and used other means of delivery for this question.

   Makaela Cofer, senior, was asked by senior Noah Foster with a giant pizza cookie that said, “Will you go to Prom with me?”

   Amy Choi, junior, asked sophomore Brannon Nordstedt with a basketball sign that said, “Wanna take a shot at Prom?” She said that Grace Kuhlmann, sophomore, thought of the idea for her.

   Nathan Herman, senior, asked classmate Chelsea Brown, by making her a cup of tea that had the word “Prom?” written on the bottom of it.

   Just in case you were looking for ideas to ask someone special, you may find some good ones here, but if not, there is always Pinterest.

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Students ask dates to PROMinent dance