Welcome, Sam Hageman

Branden Alford, Editorial Editor

A new addition to the Cat Tracks staff is Sam Hageman, senior. He is the one of the new Sports Editors.
Sam was not walking into newspaper with zero experience like many of the other new staffers, as his mom runs The Daily Howl out at Wolf Creek. This has not influenced him at all to continue journalism, as he informed this reporter very quickly that he was not going to pursue a career in the field at all.
When asked about his expectations of what we would be doing, Sam responded, “I expected to jump right into writing the newspaper instead of the class work we are doing now. I enjoy this work, howver. Without it, I would be so underprepared.”
Sam’s current state of mind surrounding newspaper (well, really school in general) is dead but hopeful. Luckily, Sam’s love for the new Mac’s is making things much easier to cope with.Sam Hageman BW