BHS students are affected by past moving experiences

Rose Wahlmeier, Editor- in Chief

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Dayne Sabatos sits beside a  metaphorical suitcase, reminiscing about relocations.

Sophie Servaes
Dayne Sabatos sits beside a metaphorical suitcase, reminiscing about relocations.

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by Rose Wahlmeier

There are several reasons kids have been forced to move over the years. A lot of students at BHS have gone through this situation. Senior Sophie Servaes has had to do this a total of eight times. Her father was in the Navy which forced her to travel wherever he was stationed. “It was hard, but I built character. I’m not scared to go to college because I’ve been the new kid several times.” Junior Caitlin Schneider has relocated six times over her life. Her father is also in the military, and she never had a choice in the change of location. “I have learned a lot and tried many different types of foods. My favorite cuisine was in Washington, but I also enjoyed Mardi Gras.” Senior Aaron Knowles has moved twice now. He first did it to get closer to family, and his second time was because of his mother’s engagement. “I do not like having to pack up the whole house and move everything. I did enjoy living in multiple houses, though.” Junior Dayne Sabatos has relocated three times. His mother has had to change jobs, which forced his family to move. “I have gotten to meet a lot of new people, which has been a plus. The thing I haven’t liked is losing my stuff in boxes when we pack up.” Sophomore Jacob Davies has traveled to a new town just once. His mother got married, which forced him to leave Shawnee. “Everyone here is a lot better than the people at my old school, so I was okay with coming down here.” Junior Koreyn Wight has relocated four times. She has moved due to divorce and parents’ jobs. “I’ve got to experience a lot of new cultures like in Texas, but you do not get to make lifelong friends like you would living in the same place your whole life.” According to the, kids who have to move more often in their lifetime are 20 percent more likely to have mental health problems. The article also stated that kids in military families are less likely to act out from a transition, though. When families relocate, usually a parent will lose his/her health benefits, but not in the military; this helps reduce some of the stress. The Huffington Post also conducted a study on children who had changed towns and ones who had not. The children who had moved had a 20 percent more likeliness of visiting an emergency room due to anxiety, than the ones who had not. Some of these stories are different, but they all tell the same tale. Moving is not easy for everyone, but there are pros and cons to it.

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