New changes happening in this school

Noelle Haselhuhn, Editor-in-Chief

Michael Vander Linden (English/tech) leads a Drama Club meeting during homeroom. He stepped up as sponsor of the new club.  (PHOTO: Noah Parker)
Michael Vander Linden (English/tech) leads a Drama Club meeting during homeroom. He stepped up as sponsor of the new club. (PHOTO: Noah Parker)

With a new year starting, a lot of changes have occurred throughout this school. New classes, clubs, and other things have been put into place.

One of the most different changes that BHS has had is something called a second breakfast. It usually includes fruit, juice, milk, and mini bagels.

This is when a student is allowed to go to the lunchroom during homeroom to get breakfast.  The opportunity is very helpful for a lot of kids who do not arrive at school early enough to eat the early one.

“I love second breakfast because I am able to sleep in a little later and still get breakfast. Now I do not have to go throughout the day starving,” says senior Madisson Jesse.

Another student, junior Braden Lawson agrees. “I really enjoy their cream cheese mini bagels.”

Another change that most seniors do not enjoy would be that the senior lounge is gone in the afternoon.

The school no longer has a full time librarian, so there is not a teacher that is able to supervise at all times.

Because of this, seniors may not spend their free time there.

Senior Rachel Hawkins  is less than thrilled with this, as she has waited three years for the perk. “I am not happy with the school’s decisions,” says Rachel.

Senior Haleigh Peterson attempted to sit in the senior lounge at the beginning of the year.  “I got yelled at already for trying to go up there.”

Students are also no longer able to walk through the library after third hour to get to their next class.

Within the last two years, the homeroom situation has changed a lot, too.

Last year, everyone had a specific homeroom teacher to report to after first hour. This year, they all just stay with the one from first hour, a change for the better, many feel.

Next, years and years ago, Burlington High School used to have a Drama Club. Unfortunately the club discontinued.

Recently it has started up again with new teacher, Michael Vander Linden, as the sponsor.

President of the club, senior Ty Skillman, described the main goal: to help high school students explore all aspects of theatre. This can include singing, dancing, acting, costume design, prop organization, and others.

“I am most excited about the opportunity to revive the club. It hasn’t been in this school far so long, and having the opportunity to be the president the first year it came back is awesome,” he said.

Within the new school year, a lot  new differences occurred. One of these comes in the form of varied class options.

Last year, vocal was offered for high school students. Due to a change in the vocal teacher Bobbi  Ehrlich’s schedule, it is no longer available.

To make up for this difference, Holly Thompson is now teaching a vocal and theater class together.

Another new development that will make a lot of people happy is a change that has occurred in the dress code.

Tank tops are now allowed as long as they are three inches long, or three fingers.

All these alterations that are occurring will ensure that school stays interesting, to say the  very least.