Editor assesses Gen Z’s nice wardrobe choices

Madeline Turner, Sports Editor

Seniors Addison Varvel and Allie Schneider, and sophomore Teagen Harris model their fashionable attire for the day. (Brylee Davis)

Everyone is familiar with the fact that their clothing or outfits allows them to express themselves.

   With this in mind, is there a common trend forming as teenagers experiment with their style?

   “Baggy hoodies and comfy sweats are a go-to for me and my friends,” says junior Harley Alford.

   Many have noticed that, nowadays, students prefer to dress more comfortable and casual rather than bold or fancy.

   Researchers suggest that this helps kids feel more invisible or less likely to be judged by others.

   On the other hand, some students strive to stand out and look a bit more professional.

   For example, junior Sage Kuhlmann puts together nice outfits every day.

   “I like to dress up for my internship at the elementary school. Eventually, I want to become a teacher at BES,” says Sage.

    Looking professional can help her make a good impression on future employers or coworkers.

   However, with this extra effort, can come judgement. Several people seem to be concerned with the stigma forming against looking nice.

   Junior Zoe McKenzie says, “I think the comments that hit the hardest are when people ask, “Why you are so dressed up today?” or “What club are you dressed for today?”

   Whether you choose to dress for success or throw on your favorite oversized sweatshirt, everyone has his or her own unique fashion.

   It is important to remember to stop and think about how your comments can affect others.