Editor seeks to find crime through Burlington’s past

Teagan Harris, Sports Editor

   As small and quiet as Burlington is, this town is no stranger to tragedy. There have been countless charges, of course.

   However, no one really thinks that true heartbreak could ever happen in the place they grew up, until these things actually do happen.

   In 1925, a woman named Florence Knoblock was found brutally murdered in her farmhouse near Burlington. There were no clear motives or prime suspects to find, and the detectives and coroner were juvenile and under-qualified for the job.

   On top of that, crowds of townspeople showed up and wandered through the victim’s home and nearly destroyed the crime scene.

   Because of this, the crime was never solved. It later became known as the “Shadow on the Hill” murder, thanks to Diana Staresinic-Deane, who wrote a book on the case.

   Another famous case is the murder of Malinda Hildebrand. In 1976, she was strangled to death with an electrical cord by a man who had broken into her house.

   Her husband, who was sleeping in the car, was a prime suspect for a period of time before police found that the husband had attempted to sell guns stolen from the Hildebrand home.

   The house is still standing; it is thought to be the first, or one of the first houses built in Burlington.

   Many people have moved in and out of it. Some actually believe that the supposed “spirit” of Malinda resides in the old home.

   Kaitlyn Keller, who used to live in the house the crime took place in, had this to say about the event: “It always felt weird to me – the house, I mean. When I found out someone had gotten killed in there, it just got worse. The whole incident just makes me really sad.”

   Kaitlyn admits to not really thinking much about it until she found out that the husband had been wasted and the kids were upstairs sleeping during the actual homicide.