Dear Jane, Teen feels exhausted after extended sleep

Allison Schneider, News Editor

Dear Jane,

   I have found that the days where I get little to no sleep the night before are the days in which I am the least tired. How can this be? I’m pretty sure my teenage brain needs to sleep, however, when I get the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep, I have to pull myself out of bed.

   I rely on so many energy drinks, I’m going to have to declare bankruptcy. Please give me advice so I don’t die of exhaustion before I graduate.

Sincerely Sir Frogs

Dear Sir Frogs,

   It sounds like you need to fix your sleep schedule. You probably don’t keep a consistent sleeping time which leads to your brain not being able to keep up. There are a couple of easy ways to fix this! The most obvious start is to go to bed at the same time every night. If you need a reminder of when that is, set an alarm.

   That alarm should be for you to get ready for bed. Brush your teeth, change into your pj’s, and get into bed. Make sure to set it a good 30 minutes before, so you not only have time to get ready but time to settle into bed. Then, also have two alarms in the morning. One to wake up and then one a couple of minutes later to get up.

   This should give you some time to feel more awake, rather than getting up at the latest time possible and rushing to get ready. Also, having something to eat in the morning may help you wake up. Too many teenagers don’t have that energy in the morning to go through their day.

Sincerely Jane