Food cravings torment

Allison Schneider, News Editor

Dear Jane,

   I have another issue to discuss with you. I come bearing bad news: I get so hungry right before I go to bed, but by that time, I have already brushed my teeth! How can I live like this, Jane? I cannot just let my precious food taste like minty paste! This may be my most distressing problem yet. Please write back; I simply cannot stand the hunger that plagues me at night this way.


                   Sir Frogs

Dear Sir Frogs,

   This is a distressing problem indeed. I see your predicament of waiting for the morning to eat or soiling the fresh-brushed feeling. I have multiple solutions for you that may work.

   First, try leaving yourself a snack in your bathroom that you have right before you brush your teeth. If this is a common experience wouldn’t it just be easier to have a nightly snack?

   Another option is to buy those lollipops that have fluoride in them. It will satisfy a slight hunger, but you won’t feel guilty for eating it after you’ve brushed.

   The final option is the least appealing, but just go to sleep.

   Think about the great meal you will have in the morning and wait for it. I hope you will be able to apply one of these and figure out this dilemma.