Freshman relatives embarrass student

Allison Schneider, News Editor

Dear Jane,

   I have the worst siblings ever. Both of them just came into high school with me and now I have to deal with it. They do nothing but bother and embarrass me.

   I have worked hard these four years to finally be considered cool and to not be made fun of by the other students. That was all going great. I had tons of friends, went out a lot, got invited to everything, and was even close to getting a girlfriend.

   Now all my friends see my siblings and how weird they are, and they assume that’s exactly how I am. Jane, please help me with how I can get away from these burdens and rebuild my image.


Sibling Sammy

Dear Sibling Sammy,

   I think you need to take a step back from your situation and see what you are saying. While you may see this as your siblings being burdens, they probably are just trying to get close to you.

  They may look up to their older sibling. Your job is to not push them away and ruin your relationship forever, but to help them in this scary world. You know just as good as everyone else how much  stress high school can cause, so don’t ditch them; help them through this.

   Also, if your friends are ditching you over some weird siblings, are they really your friends? Take some time to figure out the truly loyal people in your life, the ones who actually like you for you, and appreciate the weirdness.