Staff in high school guidance office deserve recognition

Teagan Harris, Sports Editor

Donna Bolen works on the Senior Scoop after school. She often puts in time on her own to get her many tasks completed. (PHOTO: Harley Alford) (Harley Alford)

   “Every day is some new sort of task. It’s always different. That’s one of the things I love most about my job,” says guidance counselor Donna Bolen.

   Not a lot of people devote much of their thoughts to the lovely ladies in the guidance office. They are always there for the staff and students.

   How did they get there, though? What goes on daily when you are a high school counselor?

   Well, Mrs. Bolen states that she deals with everything from talking to kids about personal problems and scholarships to testing and going to meeting after meeting. She claims that the diversity in daily duties makes her life more enjoyable.

   Outside of counseling and career planning, there are tons of other things she does for students that they rarely acknowledge. “Testing is a huge one, but other than that, I work with students on their academic struggles and their college process, and I also write letters of recommendation.”

   In terms of how she got there, Mrs. Bolen says she actually started out as a teacher. She always had kids coming in to talk to her after class, and, after a while, she decided she would get her counseling degree.

   It was a few years later that she actually decided to pursue the position of psych advisor. In doing so, she claims to have made one of the best decisions. Her job means so much to her.

   Over the years, though, she has been able to slow down and appreciate the kids she gets to meet who are moving in and out of the school. “Some days can be hectic,” she says, “but it’s not something I can’t handle. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

    After all that, she says that it is more than worth that struggle– the students make it worth it.

   “I love what I do, but the best part has to be getting to know the kids in a more personal level outside of the classroom.”