Sophomore shares botanistic fashion sense with classmates

Abby Crutchfield, Editorial Editor

Trey Faimon shows off a flower bouquet. He is fond of using flower arrangements to improve his boring wardrobe. (Cadence Isch)

“I had around 128 plants and 80 were radishes,” Trey Faimon, sophomore, says.

   Trey has liked taking care of plants ever since the earth-space science class he took last year. He grew tomatoes, cacti, flowers, and even radishes. He grew them all in science teacher, Dave Sloop’s classroom.

   He enjoys going outside during the mask breaks in his biology class. He enjoys watching the wildlife that is outside, including the monarch butterflies that usually surround the flowers.

   Trey thinks there is a lot more you can do outside than people think.

   “It’s just nice to see nature outside of man-made places,” he says. He does not like to be cooped up inside all day during school.

   According to Trey, if anything good has come from 2020, it is that students get to go outside. He thinks they should continue to go outside even after they do not have to wear masks.

   Trey believes flowers have a lot more uses than people think they do. He even likes to wear them in his hair.

  He even made a flower crown one day at school and wore it during class.

   “I think flowers in hair should be normalized,” he says. He believes that everyone’s lives would be more fun and interesting if everyone wear them as apparel.

   Aside from being fashionable, plants and nature can be therapeutic.

   Being outside can help relieve stress.