Senior photo sessions sometimes go wrong

Brylee Huber, Editor

Taven Allen smiles brightly during her fall senior picture session.

Senior photos have become a trademark of getting ready to graduate.

   Whether they be in Prom dresses, sports jerseys, or casual clothes, the pictures always manage to bring out a student’s personality.

   This being said, there has been a recent increase in negative situations and results from student sessions.

   Senior Mckinley Anderson spoke of the portraits of her older sister Madison.

   She said, “While they were taking pictures, a thief ran by and stole my sister’s bag. My mom, my sister, and the photographer were all sprinting after him. The pictures ended up fine, but [my sister] lost her gear.”

   Unlucky photo shoots are not the only issue with this growing trend, as the cost and commitment for these photos is also growing.

   What was once fairly similar in price to average school photos can cost upwards of $2500 once all of the photos are ordered. This is far too expensive for some students.

   Senior Will Saueressig said, “I think it’s a cool idea to let seniors use a picture of their own choice for the yearbook, but some put way too much time, money, and effort into a picture that very few people will actually look at.”

   Senior Taven Allen agrees. She said, “I think it is a fun thing for people to do, and everyone deserves to do them, but it [stinks] how expensive they can be. Not everyone can afford them so it can become an insecurity.”

   For girls, many students reported that they must get their makeup and hair done, buy new clothes, drive to the shoot, and spend a full day taking pictures. Most have to miss school as well.

   Senior Alex Mudd said, “It’s honestly another picture day I’m not prepared for.”

   On the other side of the coin, other than one’s senior portrait, Prom, and wedding pictures, most people will not take another photo like it in their lifetime.

   It is essentially capturing a moment when one is at his/her peak.