Dear Jane, Woman is conflicted by her disloyal man

Allison Schneider, News Editor

Dear Jane,

   I really messed up. I broke up with my boyfriend. We had been dating for three months, before he started talking to Becky again.

   I saw him talking to Becky, the one with the pretty hair! She really stole my man.

   We have been friends for years, but she’s now decided she’s better than me. Unfortunately, last night, I started to miss him. He unadded me on Snapchat when I tried to message him.

   I wanted to tell him I miss him and that I wanted to try again in our relationship.

   Am I stupid for wanting to try again? Is it worth trying to get him back?

   Jane, I need your help.


            Confused Carmen

Dear Confused Carmen,

   Take him unadding you as a blessing in disguise. You deserve much better than someone who started talking to another girl while you were still together! I think that you know that too deep down.

   What you should do is not worry yourself with that “unfriend” and block him off of other social media. You are in a vulnerable situation, and him saying anything could bring you right back to someone not good for you.

   There is no need to be unkind to him.  Be mature about it and just don’t talk to him ever again. Though he may have cheated on you, don’t stoop to his level and try and take him back from another girl. Becky hopefully will be able to see that he isn’t everything she thinks he is.

   I hope this helps, be strong, and know you are worth more than going back to toxic people.