Students express gratitude for their furry friends

Seth Jarvis

   The newspaper ground this year has a whole bunch of different pets. These animals add a little joy to their lives. Here are what they have to say about them.

   “Despite looking not looking a day over two, Roxy is now about nine years old. And Tar, whenever he gets to see you, will give you a hug and lay his head on your chest,” explained senior Allie Schneider, when asked about her dogs.

   Junior Brylee Davis described her dog Ellie as the “bestest puppy ever.” She said the dog has big yawns and “floppity-boopity ears.”

   Sophomore Tegan Harris has a dog named Sami.

   “…[S]he’s turning 16 soon! She’s sweet but old, and she keeps falling down the stairs.”

   “Weenie is a fat, stupid idiot” is what senior Brylee Huber had to say about her dog.   

   Brylee’s family also is in possession of several pigs.

   “Our pigs used to live in our bathtub and would run around our house like dogs. I hated them because they knocked over our side tables and spilled my chocolate milk,” she explained.

   Senior Emmy Furman recently had a dog pass away named Honey.

   “Honey was the best dog ever; she followed me around and gave me cuddles. She was an angel.”

   Sophomore Abby Crutchfield had a pet fish named Fishy once upon a time. It ended dying, and her family had a funeral for it in their backyard.