Staffer expresses her excessive hatred for everyday items

Allison Schneider

  I’m not an angry person. There are very few things in this world that upset me, but usually they are random dumb items. So, join me in random things that aggravate me beyond belief.

   First off are cotton towels! I have curly hair, so with me figuring out how to properly care for my hair, I’ve learned that drying it with a cotton towel isn’t good! It just frizzes the hair instead of doing anything to define the curls.

   Also, I have problems with textures, so the feeling of cotton when my hands are dry is TERRIBLE.    

   I don’t see how anyone can enjoy towels right out of the dryer. I know the warmth might seem nice, but it’s a façade. Look through that and you’ll see the dry and static texture of the towels.

      Moving on to my next peeve…now imagine this: it’s fall, leaves are everywhere, and there is a nice chill in the air. You are walking down the road, and you see a pile of leaves on the ground. With instinct, you step on the leaves to hear the satisfying crunch…but hear nothing.

   That is what disappointment is like. SOFT LEAVES SHOULDN’T EXIST! When it’s fall, I expect leaves to be the pinnacle of crunchy! Without that, the world is thrown off balance, and it can’t be fixed until the sound of a crunchy leaf is heard.

   These are only a few things that make me upset, so be expecting many many more in the future. Bonswa, friends.