1 New Staff

Eric Pabon, Entertainment Editor

1 New Staff

Junior Eric Pabon is the entertainment editor this year for the school newspaper. He says that it is a very entertaining class.

   When asked why he took newspaper this year, he said, “I enjoy writing and I appreciate literature.”

   It is not all serious, though, as sometimes he finds himself in the middle of a loud argument between the other staff members. He describes the scene as a WWE wrestling match with words.

   “The humor is intelligent with a hint of condescension.” Some people might characterize the people in newspaper as weird, but it is just a culture you have to be a part of to understand.

   When asked if learning the newspaper techniques was difficult, he said he has been struggling.

   “I’m so lost. I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve never even used a Mac before.”

   This year’s entertainment stories should be interesting.