Issue #10: Dear Jane – Brother is obsessed with dinosaurs

Jane, Advice Giver

Dear Jane,

I need help. BAD!

My brother Dilan thinks he is a dinosaur. You might be thinking… “He’s young; let him imagine and have fun!” Well, Jane, I’m here to tell you he is 18 years old. Yes, 18. Ever since he got sent some video with “Dadasaurous” in it, he can’t stop.

He has ruined many family events, from a simple Tuesday dinner to my uncle’s funeral last month. Someone mentioned his antics and made the mistake of saying “Dilasaurous,” which happens to be his trigger word. He heard it and went wild.

Ever since then he has been banished. My mom wants to send him to some special camp to get him some help, but he refuses.

Please help, Jane.  My family is falling apart.

Totally-Worried Todderick


Dear Totally-Worried Todderick,

That issue was… something I’ve never read before. I am familiar with Dadasaurous and can understand where Dilan is coming from. They suck you in, but it appears he was sucked far too deep.

My suggestion to you is an intervention. Bring in everyone who has been affected by his dino ways and have them explain just how he hurt them. The goal? Dilan cries, realizes what he has done, and wants to find help.

I hope that leads to him willingly going to that camp… if not, extra measures may have to be taken. Those can be bribing, tricking, or last resort, force. It will be hard in the moment, but it is the only way to get your brother back.

With hope,