Student falls head over heels for already committed girl


   Dear Jane,

       I am head over heels in love with this girl.

   She is the best thing to grace this earth. I think about her when I wake up, when I go to bed, and every moment in between.

   Only one thing turns these beautiful day dreams into a sad reality…she happens to be dating my best friend.

   It would crush him if he knew, but there is no way I can keep it in anymore. I talk about her in my sleep; there’s nothing I can do to keep from crying, when he calls her name at school.

   Her beauty is beyond compare, with flaming locks of auburn hair, with ivory skin and eyes of emerald green; her smile is like a breath of spring, and her voice is like summer rain.

     I cannot compete with him, Jane, but I’m in love.

     I’m begging of you,

          Pleading Parton

Dear Pleading Parton,

   You could have your choice of girls, but, if you believe you could never love again, that she’s the only one for you, then you need to do something.

   Just walk straight up to her and say, “I had to have this talk with you; my happiness depends on you, whatever you decide to do. I know you could easily turn me down, and I can easily understand, but you don’t know what you mean to me.”

   I caution, before you do this, think long and hard how it will affect your best friend. Don’t let a girl, no matter how great she is, ruin a friendship you cherish dearly.

   I beg you, please, don’t take her just because you can.