Buddy begs amigo for one more chance

Jane Giovanni

Dear Jane,

    I miss you. I miss what we had.

   Do you remember when we ate squid tentacles at the aquarium?

   When we drank orange juice on the beach in Canada last February?

     Don’t you miss the times?? Let’s get back together. We can still fix what we had.

     I am and will always be in love with you.

      -Heartbroken Harriet

Dear Heartbroken Harriet,

    Are you kidding me? I block you on every platform, and your solution is to write me at work??

    We might have, in fact, had good times together, but clearly our friendship did not work out for a reason and I think, no, I know, it is time for us to move on.

      If we dwell on the past there is no way to create a positive future… so in the nicest way possible, leave me alone.