Boomers born 1946-1964; Zoomers born late 90’s, early 2000’s

Jacob Dugar

   One put a hole in the ozone layer; the other made Fortnite popular. They both relentlessly mock each other for different things, and all for good reasons.

   It’s time for the new to go against the old. That’s right, the Baby Boomers, commonly referred to as just Boomers, face off against Generation Z, also known as Zoomers.

   So, what are the opinions of each group about the other? Chemistry teacher Mark Engel said, “I hate how they game! Game game game! They’re so entitled, too. ‘YeAH I wanT a CaMArO; I DeseRVe iT!’”

   After hearing this, senior Trevr Bahr responded, “Boomers only talk about how they’re old. ‘ThE ReAsoN I caN’t dO a BacKflIp anYmORe iS BecAUSe mY KnEEs hURt!’”

   Sophomore Dalton Iseman also had quite a bit to say about the elderly. “Dang Boomers don’t even know how to use the internet.” He then brought up that these geezers are afraid of vaccines, although they’re completely safe.

   Alex Mudd, a radical junior, pointed out, “Boomers tend to complain about how the youth spend their time, yet they’re spending their remaining time complaining about us.”

   This reporter also has very strong opinions about Baby Boomers, but it would be best to leave those opinions unsaid. The reasoning for this that this paper will be graded and edited by one of their kind.

   Not all people support their own generation, though. Sometimes, Boomers will learn about the bad sides of their people, and sometimes Zoomers will do the same.

   A good example of this is Boomer sympathizer Will Saueressig, who had this to say about Generation Z. “Dang Zoomers can’t use rotary phones; it’s infuriating. They’ve also gotten soft since they don’t have capital punishment anymore. Well I’ll tell you, back in THEIR day…”

   Clearly there are very strong opinions on both sides, but which one is the superior group of people born between a certain stretch of years?

   Well, none. Age doesn’t define anything.