Teachers confess their coping mechanisms

Allison Schneider, Entertainment Editor

In life, there are so many uncertainties, but something everyone knows to be true is that people age.

   This is a fact hardly anyone wants to think about, but it happens. For teachers, this may be even more prevalent because of the presence of bright-eyed children everywhere.

   For history teacher Chris Varvel, this becomes very obvious when a student mentions how much his/her parents loved his class. “One part of that is a compliment, but then it makes me think of how old I actually am.”

   Mr. Varvel also reflected back on when he was a new teacher and thought that getting to 10 or 15 years of teaching was impossible; “I don’t feel much different, but I’m still almost to 25 years.”

   Math teacher Gayle Haselhuhn has the simpler things to distract herself from the days moving on. “I dye my hair and just don’t acknowledge the number.”

   She says that she has gotten to the point where she does not see herself as the number on her birth certificate, though she does have to take all the hills at KU at her own pace and cannot go very fast.

   English teacher Devra Parker finds that avoiding mirrors can really do the trick to keep thoughts of getting older out of her head. “I seem to thrive off of when people say I still look like I’m in my 30’s,” she added.

   English teacher Sandy Loucks used to be “Olympic kind of athletic,” but has declined since her youth. Because of this, she has resorted to activities that can give her that same rush of adrenaline.

   One activity is Granny Basketball. “This is for women over 50 who just can’t give it up,” Mrs. Loucks said. She explained that they are not allowed to run in the game, but instead, they may “hurry.”

   Also, when shooting, they are not allowed to leave the ground. They are reduced to only two dribbles, making team playing important.

   The team wears 1920’s basketball outfits so the aesthetic is strong for all of them. “Whenever someone falls, we shout, ‘Granny Down!’” This game keeps her feeling young and ready for anything.

  Clearly, BHS teachers are coping well.