Staffer introduces new Dum-Dum club to school

Brylee Huber, News Editor

   On a particularly ordinary day in Mrs. Hess’s fourth hour Trigonometry class, a beautiful group formed. It became know as the Dum-Dum Club.

   It’s a simple thing, being in this group. All you have to  do is gather wrappers and enter their codes.

   Allie Schneider, junior and founder of the Dum-Dum Club, said, “I love the sense of community it brings, and I’m excited to bring more people into it.”

   The main goal at this particular time is to enter enough codes, and to gain enough points, to receive the beautiful stuffed version of the candy’s gorgeous mascot.

   If that’s not for you, offers stickers, key-chains, and even T-shirts. The shipping is even free!

   The problem, though, is that we need more members so we can maximize our profit. If everyone is entering codes at the same time, we could have multiple accounts and receive many rewards.

   “I mean it’s cool. It exists.” Jacob Dugar, junior, said.  He also agreed on joining if the club were to become legitimate.

   There is far more to do, however, than just punching in codes.


There is a secret to this club, one only a few specially chosen people know. Not a lot can be said in such an open place, but if you wish to know, there is a series of steps you must take.

   First, gather seven Dum-Dum wrappers. Second, go into the first closet on your left when you enter the Tech Lab from the art hallway. Finally, open the marked cabinet and set your wrappers inside.

   This is a sacred club, but we need you to help us become the most powerful group in the school.