Students reminisce over childhood

Seth Jarvis, Editor-in-Chief

If you ask a typical high schooler how he/she feels, the person will probably say, “Stressed.” Many students of this school remember the simpler times, before all the work and problems they face in their present.

   Junior Glori Hammye is one of those who misses the good old days. She remembered when  field trips were fun, like the ones that classes took to the park, to the zoo, to the Cosmosphere, and more. Semi-noneducational trips like those do not really happen anymore.

   “I used to have a lot more freedom when I got home,” said senior Zach Garner. As a middle schooler and high schooler, responsibilities began to pile up on him. With this, time starts to go away.

   Sophomore Elliott Burns remembers recess. This was a time when he could mess around with his friends and be crazy.

   Sophomore Ty Anderson misses riding his bike to his friend’s houses rather than driving. Ty also reminisced how everyone used to hang out in one big group.

   Freshman Michelle Deveault felt there was less drama in the past. Everyone was everyone else’s friend.

   Senior Breea McManus remembers how when she fell asleep in the car, she would be carried away inside.

   Senior Grace Hess said one of the biggest things she misses is nap time. With growing up you get a lot more freedom, but a lot of responsibility is put on your shoulders.

   She added that, as you get older, you have to start worrying about colleges. On top of this, homework and tests get harder as time goes on.

   Burlington students have many memories of the past. It is nice to remember the old days in the face of the problems of the present.