Weird as well as extraordinary allergies attack BHS students

AJ Lank, Sports Editor

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   ACHOO! Caramel. Animal Fur. Nicotine (yes for real),  Grass. Kiwi. Anything that stings.

   This reporter is allergic to all of these, but there are many other people who have weird, yet sometimes common, allergies as well.

   One such person is BHS senior Aliyah Shetler. She is sensitive to latex. She explained some of the difficulties she has that pertain particularly to her allergy.

   “It really stinks when you’re bleeding and you need a band-aid, but you can’t put certain ones on; otherwise, you’ll get a rash worse than the actual injury,” she explained.      

She went on to say, when working concessions, she has to make sure ahead of time that they have latex-free gloves so she is able to serve food.

   While her allergy is one of the more uncommon, she is not the only one.

   Sophomore Seth Jarvis cannot tolerate  gluten. Now, while this is one of the more common ones, what makes his case weird is the chances he takes.

   It is rather simple,  a game called Glutén Roulétte. He says, “Guys, pick a number between 1 and 1,000,” and then they do. The trick is to get the number right.

   If someone does, Seth then literally gambles with his life by taking a bite of something with gluten in it.

   Some people are allergic to more unique things. One such person is junior Dakota Jesse.

   Dakota cannot handle fur; what she adds to this allergy is what makes it so incredible.

   She tempts her fate by rubbing her face in her cat’s fur to show her appreciation.

    “I’m  also allergic to BS but my actions with my cat are not included,” she says with feistiness.

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