‘I could never live without this……’

Courtney Goetz, Sports Editor

Food, water, and shelter are all necessities for life. Most say these are the only items needed, but others disagree. First, the most popular thing that students and teachers do not want to give up is food, specifically comfort foods. Junior Sam Cook cannot live without fried chicken. “I love me some friend chicken!” she says. The most common misconception is the necessity of a bubbly beverage. English Michael Vander Linden and social studies Shane Clapper both agree that Mountain Dew is essential to their daily diets. However, sophomore Delani Nichols says “My body is a temple, and I do not wish to have that trash in my body,” although she does prefer Sprite to water. She drinks the least amount of water to sustain life. Devra Parker, English, believes a Diet Coke a day will keep the doctor away. Senior Anna Hughes agrees. Anna also says she cannot live without this reporter, and that is why this reporter and she will be rooming together next year at KU. Junior Evan Totty cannot survive without saying his cheesy pickup lines. When asked about them he replied, “Are you from Tennessee because you’re the only 10 I see.” English teacher Holly Thomsen will not live without her music. She plays all types as often as she can. Dog lovers sophomore Megan Sayler and Andrew Adsitt both could not live without their canines. Andrew says that if he did not have his dog to take on walks, he would be fat. Finally, well known Croc-lover sophomore Kameron Cole says she enjoys the holey shoes so much that she sleeps in them. They bring her comfort and make her dream about Crocs every night. Sophomore Dakota Jesse cannot live without her chapstick. Many people feel the exactly same way about their lips.