Sarah Unruh, Editor

compiled by Sarah Unruh TO: Sabrina Flynn MESSAGE: Happy V Day! FROM: Alice Buckridge TO: Jacob Japser MESSAGE: You’re cute 🙂 Wanna go out sometime? FROM: Emily TO: La Familia <3 MESSAGE: Love you guys! FROM: Dakota TO: Mrs. Edwards MESSAGE: You are awesome! FROM: Donald TO: Mr. Johnson MESSAGE: Nice microscopes, bro! FROM: Anonymous TO: Ivy MESSAGE: Hey Happy V-Day! FROM: Anonymous TO: Sawyer Young MESSAGE: 🙂 FROM: Jarred TO: Kassi Jones MESSAGE: Love you, Bestfriend! FROM: Ryleigh Busta TO: Cute Zach MESSAGE: Your fav lunch table loves you! <3 FROM: Anonymous TO: Laikyn MESSAGE: You have a nice personality. FROM: Your BFF TO: Garrison MESSAGE: I <3 u FROM: Kev Dawg TO: Dallas Burns MESSAGE: Heya, Leo, you’re great 🙂 FROM: Elysia Cooper TO: Abby F. MESSAGE: You a snack! FROM: Karson Allen TO: Preston <3 Langley MESSAGE: I can’t put in words for how much I like you. I’m so happy we met. I hope our relationship keeps growing because I want you in my future. FROM: Aubree Olson TO: Caden Arvieux MESSAGE: Roses are red, violets are blue, thank you for being my friend. FROM: Gillian TO: Molly MESSAGE: Love you lots! FROM: Dan TO: Emily Whitney MESSAGE: <3 ur mean FROM: Trevin Myers TO: Byron MESSAGE: Hey B, wanna go to Prom? FROM: Brailyn TO: Kindergarten Cast MESSAGE: You all bring light to my day. Each of you is amazing! FROM: Kam TO: Haley Haines MESSAGE: Will you work for me on Tuesday? FROM: Dakota TO: Raelynn Huginin MESSAGE: Happy Valentine’s Day! Never forget the good ‘ole days! FROM: Daniel Gifford TO: Shawn C. MESSAGE: Go to Prom with me, Love! FROM: Xeric Cooper TO: Alyssa Jacobs MESSAGE: Go to Prom with me. FROM: Xeric Cooper TO: Branden G. MESSAGE: Go to Prom with me. FROM: Xeric Cooper TO: Jarrett R. MESSAGE: Go to Prom with me. FROM: Xeric Cooper TO: Alissa Lank MESSAGE: Go to Prom with me! FROM: Tyler Danford TO: Carmen MESSAGE: See you at work <3 FROM: Millie TO: Lexi Warkentine MESSAGE: Happy V-Day! I love you so much. You’ve been there for me since day one, and I don’t know what I’d do without you. FROM: Aubree Olson TO: Allie S. MESSAGE: I love you. FROM: Aliyah TO: Raelynn Hugunin MESSAGE: You are the sweetest treat ever!! Love you, baby. FROM: Yours Truly, Tristen TO: Gavin Price MESSAGE: I love you! FROM: Karson Allen TO: Mrs. Hawkesworth MESSAGE: You’re awesome! FROM: Elysia Cooper TO: Aryn MESSAGE: I couldn’t survive geometry without you! FROM: Dan TO: Snaccity Paccity <3 MESSAGE: You guys are SNACKS! FROM: Dak TO: Kameron Cole MESSAGE: Thanks for letting me be a bad influence on you! FROM: Emily 🙂 TO: Trinity Qualls MESSAGE: NO matter what you wear, you will always be beautiful to me. FROM: Jacob Williams TO: Tyler Danford MESSAGE: Harambe is dead. FROM: Xeric Cooper TO: Ivy MESSAGE: You cute, love you. FROM: Brailyn TO: Tyler Hill MESSAGE: I love you, baby! FROM: Anonymous TO: Dakota MESSAGE: Quit asking me for gum. FROM: Casey TO: Bryna MESSAGE: <3 FROM: Trevin TO: Mrs. Parker MESSAGE: Derva, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You’re the scum between my toes. Love you!! FROM: Jace Watkins <3 TO: Alli Dunlop MESSAGE: You are the best Alli, and you have the best spelled name. FROM: Allie S. TO: Ryleigh Busta MESSAGE: I love you, bestfriend <3 FROM: Kassi Jones TO: Tristen MESSAGE: Something sweet. FROM: Brailyn TO: Sierra Haddock MESSAGE: Happy Valentine’s. FROM: Alex M. TO: McKinley Anderson MESSAGE: I love you. Thanks for being there when I need you. Thanks for being my friend. Love you! FROM: Alyssa Jacobs TO: Brenna Reavis MESSAGE: Thank you for being my friend through thick and thin. Happy V-Day! FROM: Alice B. TO: Dan My Man MESSAGE: You’re always lookin’ like a snack and I love you like a table. FROM: Kam TO: Taylor McDougal MESSAGE: Through thick and thin <3 FROM: Gillian Lawerence TO: Kerestin Beaty MESSAGE: Happy Valentine’s Day, Speedster! FROM: Daniel Gifford TO: Brylee Huber MESSAGE: I like you. You’re smart, you’re different, and you’re a little crazy. Your smile alone can make my day. FROM: Anonymous TO: Tyson Breshears MESSAGE: I <3 u. FROM: Kev Dawg TO: Alyssa Jacobs MESSAGE: Love you, boo! FROM: Kaitlynn TO: Jacob Williams MESSAGE: Minecraft… win… pizza rolls… debate. FROM: Anonymous TO: Myka MESSAGE: <3 FROM: Trevin TO: Kyrie MESSAGE: Hey, lady! Have a great day. FROM: Brailyn TO: Delani MESSAGE: If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy! 😉 <3 FROM: Dan TO: Tyler Danford MESSAGE: No matter how much you “monkey” around, you’ll still be a good friend. FROM: Jacob Williams TO: Uriah Lawerence MESSAGE: Gucci Gang! Best buds! FROM: Gillian TO: Jarred Lutz MESSAGE: I don’t know what to say. FROM: Kev Dawg TO: Jara MESSAGE: <3 FROM: Trevin TO: Kam MESSAGE: Can’t wait to see you on Broadway! FROM: Dan TO: Anna Sauressig MESSAGE: Happy Valentine’s! FROM: Alex M. TO: Ryleigh Busta MESSAGE: Happy Valentine’s Day! Even though you are short, I still care about you. FROM: Daniel Gifford TO: Alyssa Jacobs MESSAGE: Thanks for being a good friend. FROM: Selena + Sabrina TO: Aubree MESSAGE: So you have been pretty amazing! I love you so dang much! FROM: Lexi TO: JENNA MESSAGE: YOU’RE A SNACK! FROM: DAN TO: Brailyn Peak MESSAGE: I love you so much <3 FROM: Gillian Lawrence TO: Dakota MESSAGE: Canadian lookin’ good, my friend <3 FROM: Trevin TO: Brylee Huber MESSAGE: Friendship is so weird… You just pick a human you just met and you’re like, “Yep, I like this one,” and you just do stuff with them. FROM: Alex Mudd TO: Selena Flynn MESSAGE: Thank you for being my best friend. Happy Valentine’s Day! FROM: Alice Buckridge TO: Kyrie Boswell MESSAGE: I love you so much <3 Thanks for being there for me. FROM: Gillian Lawrence TO: Alice Buckridge MESSAGE: I love you. FROM: Alyssa Jacobs TO: Kam MESSAGE: I love you like a table <3 FROM: Dan TO: Xeric Cooper MESSAGE: I don’t really have a good one for you, but you’re still a good friend. FROM: Jacob Williams TO: Bret Hawkesworth MESSAGE: When are we going to Norway? FROM: Daniel Gifford TO: Mr. Marshall MESSAGE: I think I speak for all of us students when I say, thank you for showing that you care. FROM: Anonymous TO: Gillian MESSAGE: I <3 u. FROM: Brailyn <3 TO: Casey Withers MESSAGE: You’re nice sometimes 🙂 FROM: Emily 🙂 TO: Taressa Stinson MESSAGE: I love you, friend. FROM: Taylor Jones TO: Emily Whitney MESSAGE: Your dog is ADORABLE. Also, I love you. FROM: Dak TO: Kam MESSAGE: You’re one fly hunty! FROM: Dan TO: Sam MESSAGE: You are the best cousin I could ask for! Love you. FROM: Lexi TO: Jacob Dugar MESSAGE: Friends come and go like waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay like octopus on your face. FROM: Alex Mudd TO: Selena Flynn MESSAGE: Thanks for being my sister. Love you! FROM: Sabrina Flynn TO: Isabella MESSAGE: <3 FROM: Trevin TO: Snack Pack MESSAGE: What can I say, we’re a pack of snacks. FROM: Danny Manny TO: Dakota Jesse MESSAGE: You are a lovely person and you deserve the world. Enjoy life as it is. FROM: Allie Schneider TO: Trestan Codney MESSAGE: Keep the lion’s mane going, bro. FROM: Jacob Williams TO: Alice Buckridge MESSAGE: Thanks for being a good friend. FROM: Selena + Sabrina TO: Anna Kitchen MESSAGE: Love you even though you ditch me in school often. FROM: Emily 🙂 TO: Taylor Jones MESSAGE: I love you. FROM: Alyssa Jacobs TO: Taressa Stinson MESSAGE: Thanks for being a friend. FROM: Selena + Sabrina TO: Dakota MESSAGE: Hi FROM: Kev Dawg TO: Gaia Fiorini MESSAGE: Buon san valentino! Grazie per essere qui! FROM: Daniel Gifford TO: Taylor MESSAGE: Thank you for continuously being by my side. Love you <3 FROM: Brailyn <3 TO: Kyla Folsom MESSAGE: Thanks, girl. FROM: Sabrina + Selena TO: Jeffery Stewart MESSAGE: Me and you are friends… You smile, I smile. You laugh, I laugh. You jump off a bridge, I laugh. FROM: Alex Mudd TO: Trevin Myers MESSAGE: Hey, Trevin! Thanks for saying hi to me in the hallways and making me laugh! FROM: Emily 🙂 TO: Kaitlynn Pittman MESSAGE: I love your personality. Thank you for always having my back. I’ll always have yours. FROM: Taylor Jones TO: Alissa MESSAGE: Even in hard time we make it. Thx for being there. Love ya! FROM: Lexi TO: Bryna Huber MESSAGE: Happy Valentine’s Day! FROM: Daniel Gifford TO: Jasmine Clay MESSAGE: Thanks for being a great friend! FROM: Selena + Sabrina TO: Haley Haines MESSAGE: <3 FROM: Trevin TO: Jadon Monasmith MESSAGE: Happy Valentine’s. FROM: Alex M. TO: Beca Howard MESSAGE: Happy Valentine’s Day! FROM: Daniel Gifford TO: Danny Manny MESSAGE: You have caught my eye, so will you be mine? FROM: Anonymous TO: La Familia MESSAGE: Thanks for being more than just a group of friends! La familia sobre todo. FROM: Emily /Mom TO: Snaccity Paccity MESSAGE: Why do I need lunch, when you are all snacks yourselves? FROM: Kam TO: Nikita Rodgers MESSAGE: Happy Valentine’s Day! It is amazing to have a friend like you! FROM: Daniel Gifford TO: Kaitlynn Pittman MESSAGE: Thanks for being a friend. FROM: Selena + Sabrina TO: Taressa Stinson MESSAGE: I love you as a friend by the way you’re a good friend. FROM: Alyssa Jacobs TO: Taylor Jones MESSAGE: Thanks for being a friend. FROM: Sabrina + Selena TO: Trinity Qualls MESSAGE: Happy Valentine’s Day, Karate Kid! P.S. You’re a lovely shade of green. FROM: Daniel Gifford TO: Carlee MESSAGE: You are the best friend I could ask for. You lift me up when I am down, thank you! Love you! FROM: Lexi TO: Danny Manny MESSAGE: You’re so unique and you crack me up on the daily 🙂 FROM: Emily 🙂 TO: Mrs. Loucks MESSAGE: Someone should give you a most patient teacher of the year for putting up with us! FROM: Daniel Gifford TO: Uriah MESSAGE: Much love, thanks for being my bestfriend. FROM: Brailyn <3 TO: Kyrie Boswell MESSAGE: I love your attitude. Thanks for making me smile. You’re the best! FROM: Taylor Jones TO: Jeffery Stewart MESSAGE: “Long live Eroditu!” says Jek FROM: Daniel Gifford TO: Dakota Jesse MESSAGE: Thank you for all of the wonderful adventures and those yet to come. You’ve kept me on my toes this year. FROM: Emily 🙂 TO: Mrs. Parker MESSAGE: Thank you for reminding me of the important thing about writing. It’s not the grade, but what you write that matters. FROM: Daniel Gifford TO: Kyrie Boswell MESSAGE: I love you, girly. Thank you for everything you do for me. I’m glad to call you my best friend. FROM: Taylor Jones TO: Jacob Williams MESSAGE: Jek says, “Hi!” FROM: Daniel Gifford