Youtube: entertaining or very disgusting?

Abby Finlayson, Entertainment Editor

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From Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theories to Tana Mongeau’s daily video blogs, YouTube has a huge variety of videos. As of recent years, YouTube has become a competition. The program is used to see which YouTuber can get more likes, more subscribers, and more comments. However, the question is “Are some of the competitors taking it too far?” Most recently, a situation with an internet-famous 22-year-old Logan Paul has taken over the internet. The Paul brother posted a “challenge” video of him and his group staying the night in the Japanese Suicide Forest. Normally, his channel is very kid-appropriate, as more than half of his viewers are young. This video crossed the line. The video contained him discovering a hanging body. He then proceeded to laugh about it and make many jokes. After YouTube staff took down the video for explicit content, Logan decided to post it yet again, thinking that YouTube didn’t have a say in what he could post. The web can be a very dark place at some times, but this is horrible. A real-life suicide was shown to kids as young as elementary school. Another huge controversy within YouTube is the ability to use foul language. Youtubers like PewDiePie, Smosh, Shane Dawson, and many more swear quite a bit in their videos. Since kids are involved in the program, some people think this should not be allowed. Also, many different Youtubers have gotten put down for expressing their opinions too much. By too much, I really do mean too much. One of the internet-famous persons is PewDiePie. In many of his videos, he has made racist comments and jokes, which his subscribers did not agree with. The internet made their point clear; YoutTubers should censor out language.

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