New Star Wars movie is huge disgrace to series

Branden Alford, Editor

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Just to set things straight, this review will be laden with spoilers from the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and still plan to, stop now. Flip to the front page now and read all of the fabulous stories! Consider yourself warned. First of all, director Rian Johnson created a great story. Don’t get me wrong! He is masterful in the way that he makes the plot twist irratically, enthralling watchers. This is the first and only good part of the movie. For those who don’t know the story, the film picks up at the end of the last “new” Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, as the ragtag resistance led by the late Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia, flee their base as the First Order (basically the new-age Nazi-esque evil of the universe)moves in to destroy the planet. Long story short, they get away only to be pursued by the First Order across the galaxy, headed eventually towards an old rebel base on an oddly red planet where the ultimate show-down occurs. All the while, Rey, the franchise’s new hero, attempts to convince Luke Skywalker, now advanced in age, to train her in the Jedi arts. This sets up a very confusing back and forth drama where the scene changes almost as fast as my opinion of the movie. If you find it difficult to track multiple story lines that don’t even fit chronologically, then this movie will certainly have you stumped. Jake Davies, senior, and Star Wars fanatic said, “This move really left much to be desired for the true Star Wars fans. Sure it had a great story, but the storyline as it fits into the canon of the Star Wars franchise is simply awful. The only thing I really liked about it was the graphics. The red planet scene was truly spectacular considering the high level of difficulty.” The worst thing about this movie is the massive plot holes. For instance, when did Princess, or rather General Leia suddenly have the Force? God rest her soul, but Carrie Fisher should have never had the force. She’s so old, she can barely even talk. I get that “legends lead crusades,” but come on! Also, when Leia gets back to the bridge on the ship after there is a massive hole blown in it, how does anyone survive on the ship when the door is opened without any sort of seal off from the vacuum of space. They just open the door, the only door separating them from being sucked into space. How, Disney, how? Finally, why is it necessary that Rey and Kilo Ren have some sort of romantic tension between them? We all know that the title of the next movie will be Episode X: Surprise! They’re half-siblings! I suppose, if you can look past the obvious lack of plot and the inconsistencies in the story line, this move is not awful. As a fan of the saga, Disney has only let me down. Every single movie since they bought out the franchise has been just awful in comparison to the original six movies. That being said, I’m not surprised that this movie is the worst one yet.

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