Facial hair takes over teachers/students’ faces

Courtney Goetz, Sports Editor

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Many women wonder why boys/men enjoy growing facial hair. It is prickly, dirty, and makes a guy look homeless. Well, thanks to the staff and students of BHS, women no longer have to be curious. Though Kristy Johnson dislikes science teacher Tim Johnson’s beard, she has recently let it slide. He says there is a special reason. “Kristy finally let me,” said Mr. Johnson, “because I’ve become the second man in her life.” This, of course, would be their grandson. Technology teacher Michael Vander Linden grows his beard because it puts a “wall” up between him and his students. He also keeps the beard because he is lazy, but he really looks like a stu- dent if he shaves. “I agree. Michael looks like a 12-year-old clean-shaven boy,” noted senior Jenna Adsitt. The teachers are not the only ones flaunting their facial hair around school. A few student athletes are rockin’ the stache. This trend first started as the “victory stache” during football season, but now some have decided to keep the trend going. Junior Brannon Nordstedt wears one because he admires his role-model, senior Garrison Fiedler’s, mustache. Though Brannon does not wear his hair because of his manhood, junior Jared Lutz does. He says he looks like a baby without it. He is also very proud of his facial hair. “No one can grow a beard like me.” Some boys just can not escape their follicles. For example, junior Carson Beyer is stuck with a constant five o’clock shadow. He has had it since freshman year. Like Mr. Johnson, Carson would like to grow his beard, but his mother will not allow it. The grandest chin sweater in BHS belongs to senior Dallas Burns. He says he would not dare shave his beard, but if he had to, he would. “It will always grow back.” Whether it be for pride, respect, admiration, or happiness, males have numerous reasons to grow their facial hair. Though the female gender may not understand/like the idea of a beard, they have to accept that it really is not their choice. So, ladies, does that answer your question?

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Facial hair takes over teachers/students’ faces