Christmas day cannot come quickly enough

Jalyn Griffith

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Halloween is over. It is now time for Christmas! Some people go crazy for their favorite holiday. Many students at Burlington love this time of year because of all the colorful lights and delightful smells. Sophomore Kameron Cole believes that Christmas brings her family together. She loves this day so much that her twitter name is @ChristmasKam. Kameron gets very upset when people fake being a fan. “Delani is a fake Christmas fan!” she said. Junior Tyler Carpenter is also an avid follower. He believes that after Halloween, it is supposed to be Christmas time. He has already made three playlists full of Christmas songs. He listens to these songs all year long. “My tree is up at all three of our houses the day after Halloween,” says Tyler. Sophomore Kaiti Mefford loves waking up the morning of Christmas and seeing the Christmas tree with all of the presents underneath. She also loves to drive around and see all the beautiful lights around town. Kaiti, however, had a terrible time once on Christmas Day. Her brother got a bicycle for Christmas, and the first thing he did with it was run over her toes. “I should have just pushed him off!” Kaiti said. Even though she did not have the greatest experience, she still loves this holiday anyway.

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Christmas day cannot come quickly enough