BHS students show love to their pets

Abby Finlayson, Entertainment Editor

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What’s your favorite animal? Is it a dog? Maybe a horse? Or a cat? Many of the students at BHS own pets of their own, and they love them! One sophomore, Brooke Faimon, recently rescued a small kitten off of the side of the road. He easily became a lovely member or her family. Brooke loves the cat with all her heart, and can’t wait to watch him grow up. Aliyah Shetler, juinor, feels the same way about her cat Lemon. “My dog is amazing!” said sophomore Kameron Cole. “He is my prized possession.” Kameron owns a French bulldog named Champ. She obviously loves the dog very much. Breckyn Beaty, freshman, owns a very tiny teacup chihuahua whose name is Isabella. Although the puppy is small, she is very jumpy and hyper. Breckyn thinks Isabella is the cutest pet ever, and she loves snuggling up with her. Not all animal stories end how we would like them to. Sophomore Delani Nicolas had just been gifted a new, small kitten. The cat’s name was Crocs, and Delani loved her. One night, Delani went out for a trip to Subway. When she arrived home, Crocs was gone. Delani, heartbroken and lonely, still wishes for Crocs to come back home. #bringcrocsback “Let me tell you, I love my cats,” a junior Kaylee Long said. She is obviously one huge cat lover. She owns one huge, fluffy kitten. Relay, the kitty, is a very important member in the Long family. Every day, he is given the utmost attention in the household. With a more unique animal preference, sophomore Kaiti Mefford has owned pet rats. Mr. Pickles and Pumpkin are Kaiti’s favorites. The rats are able to play, be held, and to snuggle. Kaiti loved the rats so much because they were different; dogs and cats can get boring to her, although, she does also have a dog and a cat, for which she would do anything. Cassidy Birk, junior, also has love for a different kind of animal. She owns two pet snakes. One of them is a shiny, pink-grey color, and her name is Ethel. She is a boa constrictor, who is allowed to roam Cassidy’s room. The other is a ball python whose name is Banana Split. This snake is black with yellow stripes and also gets to roam wherever he wants. “My dog is the love of my life, and she completes me,” says sophomore Dakota Jesse. Denali is Dakota’s big and fluffy lab. Whenever Dakota arrives home, Denali is always there to greet her at the door and give her welcome-back kisses. This dog warms Dakota’s heart, and she always will. The love between the two is evident, as they spend time doing everything together. Alli Dunlop

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BHS students show love to their pets