Which students would BHS teachers resemble in high school?

Branden Alford, Opinion Editor

by Branden Alford Here at Cat Tracks, the staff believes in the power of deep, thought-provoking questions. One such question can be directed to the teachers of Burlington High School. If they could compare who they were in high school to one of their students today, who would they be? Sandy Loucks, English teacher, said she would compare herself to junior Camrie Wagner. “In high school, I was the quiet girl who got good grades and played sports, like Camrie.” Mark Engel, science teacher said, “In high school, I got good grades, found myself in a little bit of trouble, nothing serious though, and went out for every sport possible. With that in mind, I would say I am like Jacob Jasper (junior).” Dana Hess, advanced math teacher, compared herself to her daughter, senior Rylie Hess. “Even though I didn’t procrastinate as much as Rylie does now, I worked just as hard as she does on her math courses.” Gayle Haselhuhn, math teacher, also said she would like to compare herself in high school to Rylie. “I was involved in many of the same things she does now, such as basketball and STUCO, among many other similarities.” Chris Varvel, history teacher, said he was very much like junior Mitch Taylor. “He reminds me of myself because of our very similar height.” Devra Parker, English teacher, took the opportunity to proclaim her superiority over the rest of the world, stating, “There is no one that compares to me.” Perhaps high school does not change people all that much.