Cinematic Critique`: You Again

Noelle Haselhuhn and Rose Wahlmeier

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Noelle- First of all, any movie with Betty White is going to be awesome.
Rose- Y’all are gonna regret high school.
Noelle- I liked that the movie had a good message underneath all of the funniness.
Rose- Betty White has some sass going on.
Noelle- There were a lot of flashbacks, which can be annoying and confusing, but when they did it here, it made sense.
Rose- They all have history together.
Noelle- This movie is sort of a chick flick, but I think that guys could like it, too, because it’s funny.
Rose- This was NOT a chick flick. It’s a comedy.
Noelle- I SAID SORT OF!… Anyway, this movie had a lot of good actors, like Charlie: he was nice.
Rose- Noelle only likes Charlie ‘cause he was attractive.
Noelle- THAT IS NOT TRUE! He was nice to the main character, Marti.
Rose- Kristen Bell did a good job of portraying a high school student.
Noelle- I liked the ending; it was good.
Rose- We most definitely give it… 4 ½ paws.

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