Staff editorial: Bad parking lot behavior…what the *beep beep*?!

Rose Wahlmeier, Sports Page Editor

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What is the most dangerous place in the school? You might think it’s the hallways where dead spiders lurk, or a math room where you might get called on. Wrong.

It’s the school parking lot. You try to exit it; then some speed demon almost hits you.

Sound familiar?

Exiting spots is an issue, too. Junior Paige Maley says, “I hate backing out of the stalls so I always pull forward instead. It’s too hard to see.”

   Then some students think it’s funny to park badly.

It’s not.

Bad parking just makes people’s day start off terrible.

So, thanks for that, you awful parkers.

Also, why must people stand in the area and talk?

It’s just taking up room that we don’t have.

Once we bypass the Chatty Kathys, one of the main reasons getting out is hard is that there are only two exits.

The single entrance to the parking lot should not be a one way. Two cars can fit through that opening, and that would help to get students out faster.

Widen it if necessary.

   We think this should be seriously considered because students are going crazy.

Noelle and Marisa Haselhuhn witnessed a student going in and out of the ditch just to leave the lot.

Yes, it’s that bad.

Maybe arrows should be painted on the ground to help people know the safest side  to leave on.

The stall lines are so worn that, over the summer, maybe they could be re-done?

At the same time, they could be expanded so there’s more room.

Some people have huge trucks, and they need bigger stalls to get in fully anyway.

So, you think we’re being funny?

We’re dead serious.

*beep beep*

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