Visionary proposes more constitutional amendments

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

   The Constitution in its current form needs some improvement. Thankfully, the founders understood that they were not perfect and that the government they designed would need to change with the times. Here are some of my dream Constitution amendments.

   For one, I think we need term limits for senators and representatives. These limits need to find a balance between allowing congressmen to gain experience, while also ensuring that they are not in office for too long. I believe that 24 years for both senators and representatives will accomplish this. So, this will be the 28th Amendment.

   The 29th Amendment will increase the terms for representatives from two to four years. They will be elected during the middle of the president’s term. I want to do this so they can focus more on legislating rather than having to constantly campaign to stay in office.

   The 30th Amendment will make the Attorney General an elected position. I want that to be the case, as I feel head of the law in the country should be independent from the interests of the president. That way, they are more able to enforce the law within the government. They will be elected during the midterms and serve a four-year term.

   The 31st Amendment solves the issue of gerrymandering (the unfair drawing of electoral districts by packing them full of voters from the same party) by establishing shortest split-line drawn districts.

   The 32nd Amendment abolishes the electoral college and establishes ranked-choice voting as the method for voting in all federal elections. This is meant to limit the power of the two-party system, while also making sure the president is represented by the majority of the people in the nation.

   The 33rd Amendment is meant to limit the power of lobbyists and corporations over government. It will make it so for-profit corporations no longer have constitutional rights. They can be regulated by congress so long as such regulations do not infringe on freedom of the press.

   The various levels of government will also have the power to regulate expenditures of candidates. It will also make election day a national holiday and establish publicly funded elections.

   The goal of this amendment is to level the playing field, so that no matter the level of wealth of someone, individuals are able equally participate in our Republic. This way our government will be far more loyal to the interests of the average citizen.