Junior wants to be machine

Eric Pabon, Entertainment Editor

   Science fiction movies have influenced modern society’s technology for a long time.

   The flip phone, for example, was inspired by
Star Trek.

   We’ve actually been seeing a lot of technology recently that could  be found in T.V. shows: specifically smart phones, smart-fridges or virtual assistants like Alexa.

   With all these inventions coming to life, there’s one that intrigues me: the transferral of consciousness into a computer.

   Some find moral issues in this one. People are hard-wired to believe that they need to go to college, get a job, make enough money to impress others, find a spouse, birth children, then die respectfully with a tombstone.

   This way of living is far too systematic for me.

   A human body is weak, for if one is lucky, he/she can only live for like 100 years, not to mention, most of the time spent alive is traded for money, or spent sleeping.

   Whenever I tell others about my dreams of merging with software, they always ask me, “Why would you want to live forever?”

   For one, obviously, I don’t want to die, and secondly, I want to pioneer a new existence of reality. The question one should be asking is “Where can this take humans?”

   Imagine being able to live for hundreds of years and seeing the human species as well as the Earth and other celestial bodies evolve, or surviving a global extinction event because you completed a consciousness back up.

   One day, when my physical body can no longer support my consciousness, I hope to be able to transfer my energy as a human being into a machine.